Utilize the Name Game to Find an Interesting Domain or Company Name

Methodology: Use the name game to pick a name for your organization as well as item.

I had the uncommon honor of working with north of 50 or more tycoons. One of them had a cool approach to picking names for items. He showed it me one gathering, and I refined it into the NAME GAME.

As of late a couple of ice hockey companions and I were at a grown-up ice hockey competition in Las Vegas. We go to 2 or 3 competitions, every year collectively. A way after the games, we were partaking in a loosening up drink and griping about what we could have done without about hockey competitions

Specifically the reality we were company name suggestions in Las Vegas, and there were none in Florida. That generated a thought, for doing hockey competitions, 2 times each year in Florida. Four of us chose to start a new business. I notice this to exhibit various systems for making your business ready.

The primary thing to address, an organization name. Nobody had a “cool” name for our new experience. However, in a short time, we had a name. As I utilized the Name Game to create about six thoughts. So this is the closely guarded secret.

Stage one: Take a clear piece of paper and define a boundary down the center.

Stage two: On the left hand side compose, RESULT/OBJECTIVE.

Stage three: On the right hand side compose, ACTION/VERB/PROCESS

Alright you are good to go to make a few fabulous names! This is the closely guarded secret. You conceptualize on the left hand side the page every one of the outcomes, targets you need for your business or clients. Then cerebrum the cycle, or activity important to come by the outcome. Then basically join every one of the words, independently and think of a few cool names.

Allow us to investigate my hockey mates and I making a name for our hockey competitions. We concocted the accompanying outcome words, and activity words.

Result/Objectives: Fun, Hockey, Florida, Tournament, Sunshine

Activities/Verb/Process: Link, Tournaments, Connection, Hockey, Solution, Vacations

Accordingly we came up the accompanying names (consolidating the words:

Fun Link, Fun Tournaments, Fun Connection, Fun Hockey, Fun Solutions, Fun Vacations
Hockey Link, Hockey Tournaments, Hockey Connection, Hockey, Hockey Solutions, Hockey Vacations
Florida Link, Florida Tournaments, Florida Connection, Florida Hockey, Florida Solutions, Florida Vacations
Competition Link, Tournaments, Tournament Connection, Tournament Hockey, Tournament Solutions, Tournament Vacations
Daylight Link, Sunshine Tournaments, Sunshine Connection, Sunshine Hockey, Sunshine Solutions, Sunshine Vacations
We talked about every one of them. What we loved and didn’t. We wound up with the accompanying names as possibilities: Hockey Tournaments, Tournament Connection, Florida Hockey, Sunshine Hockey, Sunshine Tournaments.

By simply saying the names without holding back, and additionally seeing them you can sort of tell which ones reverberate for your business or item. For instance the vast majority of us like the ring of “Daylight Hockey” as we were going through the rundown (matching names). Others we enjoyed, however not really for our hockey business. Daylight Hockey conveyed the right thought, picture and idea for our youngster new business.