OxygenOS 3.5 – A Comprehensive Look At The Best Smartphone In The Market

The long awaited android smartphone from the largest manufacturing house of the country, OnePlus, is now available for sale through its official website. Oneplus has been a staple in the smartphone market of India since it launched the OxygenOS 2.0 back in theurous Spring of this year. Within just a short span, the company has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the leading brands of android devices available in the market. The company has recently launched the new Oxygen OS 3.5 in the market, which further expands the already impressive list of devices that can be bought from its brand.

With the likes of the Oppos E3 and Vodafone Triactol oneplus nord in its stable, the company needs to keep up with its competition by coming out with something unique to excite the audience and woo them with its OxygenOS 3.5 software. In this respect, it has done a lot right and it has also done a lot wrong. Its attempts to come out with a mid-range smartphone have fallen flat with the likes of the Sony Ericsson Pbranded Play and Nokia E71, which has made it abundantly clear that its target market is high end consumers looking for power in a smartphone. The company, therefore, has been trying to push the gross margin higher within the specified price range and has hence launched the OnePlus Nordeck Titanium. We’ll have a detailed look at the features of this phone in this article.

Unlike many of its competitors who have tried to bring power to their phones with battery life tweaks and other battery saving tricks, Oneplus does not try to win over its audience with extra battery features. The one notable exception to this was the launch of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc – a smartphone that attempted to bring some juice to the traditional rectangular smartphones by adding a dual camera set up and a bigger battery. It did well on paper but it disappointed most users when it failed to live up to its expectations. The good news is that the software experience on the OnePlus Nordeck Titanium is excellent. This is because it is equipped with OxygenOS 3.5 software stack that has been specifically designed for this device. With this software installed, the smartphone is capable of improving the performance of the device when it comes to battery life and processing speed.

For all the diehard fans of smartphones, the Oneplus Nordeck Titanium’s camera setup is one thing that might turn some off. The standard camera setup is just not that great but it does function very well in low light conditions. The problem lies in the lack of advanced image processing capabilities – the photos it produces are below expectations. This means that if you are looking for some good quality photos from your phone, the price point that the smartphone will set off alarm bells in your head. Fortunately, the quality of the photos it outputs is good enough and it is certainly worth the price that it will set off.

OxygenOS 3.5 is just another feature packed into the smartphone that makes it worth its asking price. With it, the Oneplus Nordic has a much better software experience when it comes to managing and organizing the data on the handset. Users can also enjoy improved protection against security threats thanks to the built-in application store.

In terms of battery life, the oneplus n10 is capable of delivering on its promises. It lasts approximately seven hours on the job and offers users around five hours of screen time. This is far better than what other handsets can offer. If you are planning to purchase the smartphone soon, the OnePlus Nord N10 might just be your best bet.