How to Trim Your Medical Wait Time in Half

If you are like millions of others, you are concerned with the issue of rising medical costs! You, like millions of others, may be in need of a costly medical procedure but cannot afford it, so you are waiting. At some point in the near future, you or a loved one will find yourself in need of medical services. In some cases, medical tourism becomes the only life saving option. Being in crisis and having limited time sometimes leads to unclear thinking and poor decision making. Take the time to become informed now.

Sadly, there are many cases of people who have died without the life saving medical care, because they were waiting to raise enough money to pay for the procedure. Others have lived needlessly with knee or hip pain, because they were waiting as long as possible before having to pay $60-80,000 for replacement. There is no need to wait!

Perhaps waiting is not a result of not having the funds to obtain treatment. Maybe you live in a country that is notorious for having long waiting lists. It is not 脫髮治療 uncommon in countries such as the U.K. and Canada, to have waiting lists a year or more in length. Sometimes the wait is because of a lack of trained staff to do the procedure. Most often, it is the government red tape that is causing the backlog of services.

Becoming a medical tourist will eliminate a year or more of waiting lists and red tape. Anyone in a developed country who has experienced the medical system is well familiar with the red tape. Who has not experienced calling for an appointment and being told that one is not available for six weeks? Upon arrival at the doctor’s office, you wait some more. Once seen, the doctor does a brief check of vitals and tells you that he needs to send you for tests. You go home and wait for the referral coordinator to call you with the test dates. You are informed that unfortunately, the tests cannot be scheduled until next month. You wonder why not, but there is seemingly little you can do. Test day arrives, and you are called early in the am, and told your tests will need to be rescheduled. After you finally get the appointment and the tests are run, you need to wait for results. Finally, you get back to your primary care doctor and he says that he would like to send you to a specialist. You begin the routine of waiting all over again. This scenario is all too common, and the end result is that the time between your first phone call and definite action to address the problem can be 4 mos to a year of wasted and precious time.