Heating method of electric heater

There are many types of electric heaters, any heating form is irreplaceable, and the products have won the trust of the majority of users with reliable and service life. What are the heating methods of electric heaters? The specific summary is as follows: 1, resistance heating: This is mainly the utilization of the coke effect of current to heat the energy to heat the substance. Due to two parts by the heated object and the heat generating element, the type of heated object is generally not limited and the operation is simple. 2, induction heating: It is a thermal effect formed by generating an induced current (eddy current) in an alternating electromagnetic field to cause the conductor itself. This heating feature can be overall uniform heating and surface heating in the object, and can also perform any partial heating. 3, arc heating: High temperature heating objects generated by the arc. The temperature of the arc column can reach portable electric heater 3000-6000K, suitable for high temperature melting of metals. 4, electron beam heating: utilizes an electronic bombardment surface of high-speed motion under electric field to heat it.

5, electrical infrared heating: Using infrared radiation objects, after absorbing infrared rays, the radiation can be converted into thermal energy and heated. It has strong penetration capabilities, easy to be absorbed by objects, and the development of infrared heating is developing quickly.

6, medium heating: heats the insulating material using high frequency electric fields. It has a fast heating, high heat efficiency, and heating is uniform.